Creating Joy

“My life found new direction at Calo Young Adults”

Creating Joy

“My life found new direction at Calo Young Adults”

Calo Young Adults is a cutting edge transitional emerging adult program located in historic Winchester, Virginia.

Calo Young Adults promises you the opportunity to regain the hope you once held for your future. We invite you to create, with us, a plan that will redefine your direction. We will work with you to help you discover the person you had always planned to become.

The journey begins in the milieu where treatment reflects a natural and age appropriate process of growth and change.

Our treatment is integrated into real life

At Calo Young Adults, you will live with other students and develop that special camaraderie that comes only through struggling and sharing challenges in an environment that offers success to those who are willing to work hard. You will partner with staff who will encourage you to succeed at accomplishing what ever goals you’ve set for your self. And, at the same time you are striving to make changes you can enroll in college classes or look for part-time work.

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