Who We Are

Lynn Sucher,
Executive Director

Lynn trained at the Meadows with Pia Mellody in the PIT method of treating trauma. She believes trauma is the root cause of most mental health issues and her years of clinical practice have been devoted to working with clients who have struggled with trauma related problems. She also trained at Rosewood Ranch and spent several years in private practice. In addition, Lynn has worked in the field of eating disorders for over twenty years. She trained with Caroline Costin, Dr. Anita Johnston and Francie White, among others. Lynn feels strongly about working with clients and their families to help heal the family system and provide a path to recovery.

Lynn’s compassionate heart has led her to sit on several boards serving the homeless in Arizona and California as well as the board of Impact Giving. As a former corporate vice president in broadcasting, Lynn has years of experience in marketing and senior management. She won numerous Emmys and other industry awards during her broadcasting career. She was the Chair of the ABC Affiliate Marketing Board, sat on committees for IAEDP, and has led many workshops.

Lynn has adopted abused and neglected dogs for years and is very excited to be a part of Calo’s one-of-a-kind canine program. She believes strongly in the healing power of the relationship between a student and a dog. She has led a bit of a nomadic life and has traveled all over the world and loves to hike, sail, play tennis and experience new places. But most of all, Lynn enjoys hanging out with her friends and family.

Jon Young,
Director of Student Life

Jon received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Anthropology from Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri and has been working in Admissions for therapeutic programs for more than a decade. As the Director of Student Life at Calo Young Adults in Winchester, Virginia Jon works closely with both staff and students to help shape the program to enable our students to accomplish goals, overcome challenges, and prepare for a productive and joyful transition into independent life as a capable and competent adult. Jon is married and has two boys who keep him busy at home. In addition to spending time with his family, Jon enjoys running on the application trail and working in an ever expanding garden.

Jennifer Wood,
Residential Director

Jennifer Wood is the Residential Director at Calo Young Adults. She came to Calo with a background in non-profit management and community service work. She has spent time working with families through Social Services, serving people in crises through the Concern Hotline, and working to improve women’s economic self-sufficiency through job ready programs. Throughout her work, Jennifer noticed a reoccurring theme that impacted all the clients she worked with: trauma. This started her on a path of research and study to find ways she can make an impact on those who are experiencing trauma. She has a special interest in the mind/body connection and is a certified yoga instructor. This led her to research the Boston Trauma Center’s Trauma Sensitive Yoga and travel to London to train in this method.

Jennifer is known for her positive energy and compassion and brings this into her work each day at Calo. She enjoys working closely with the students and the CYA team to bring awareness and intention into each moment in the milieu. In her free time, Jennifer loves to train martial arts, hiking, camping, and spending time with family.

Who We Are
last modified: July 24th, 2017