School Failure

Calo Young Adults - School Failure


I didn’t make it through my first semester at college and had no choice except to withdraw and go home. I couldn’t finish any assignments. I felt paralyzed every time I tried to write a paper, and even if I did get something written, it was never good enough. The hours I spent trying to write and then finally giving up got longer and longer until there was no way I could dig myself out of the hole. I only got through high school because my mom helped me, but I never expected I would have the same problems at college.


My parents offered me another choice. When I interviewed at Calo Young Adults, the psychologist said the staff had a lot of experience with students who struggled with perfectionism, and that they would understand how that problem could affect my ability to finish work at college. He said the staff could help me. I don’t know how that ‘s possible, but if there really is a way I can understand and change what’s happening with me, I want to know it.

School Failure
last modified: July 16th, 2018