Pawsitive News from Calo Young Adults

We are excited to announce the special delivery of 8 precious puppies born July 2nd to Princess Leia at Calo Young Adults in beautiful Winchester, VA. There are three males and five females. Colors range from light to dark gold. The puppies are fathered by Aaron of Calo Lake Ozark (Jake’s son). We are so excited for this litter. We carefully selected Princess Leia (not available for adoption) who has a small build and short coat. She is caramel golden with an ideal temperament to mother puppies from our beloved Calo Jake lineage. Aaron (not available for adoption) was the students’ pick of the litter from Calo canine Cali and Calo Jake March 24th, 2015. What a perfect pick he turned out to be. He is short and stalky with the “classic” head (huge). He is light golden and has his father’s temperament, which is ideal for the work Calo canines’ doo. This pairing will help us achieve smaller, easier to handle Goldens rather than the 100 (+) pounders like Bruno and Lightning. Not that we don’t love them like crazy, but seriously, 100 (+) pound Goldens.

(Aaron – Calo Young Adults Canine)


Leia had her first puppy at 11:50 am EST. We offered her a whelping box and private room. However, she was insistent on an earth birth. So, earth birth it was. The most important thing for this first-time mommy was that she experienced CASA from us. Therefore, we practiced acceptance, and everything went great. It was a cool, dry, peaceful spot behind a shrub in the backyard of Holly House. The weather couldn’t have been better. It was surprising to see so many students fit in one shrub. All Calo Young Adult students were aware many wanted to be right there, and some wanted to help. Two students volunteered to administer her 1st and 2nd oxytocin injection, with proper supervision of course. But as for caring for each puppy as it entered into the world, Princess Leia needed very little help in that area. Number 7 came and was stillborn. No delayed labor/delivery issues with the little guy they want to name Freedom. He just wasn’t strong enough to make it through the birthing process. The students were able to reset quickly as number 8 came and trusted us here at Calo Young Adults to appropriately handle the laying to rest of the one the call “Freedom.”


We offered Leia a short water break, which she accepted. At that time, we decided to move the puppies into the whelping room. She followed excitedly. As she got snuggled in, here came the last puppy. We got everything all cleaned up, and the special delivery was over at about 3:30 pm. All the students came in to visit mommy and puppies, taking pictures and exchanging stories from the special day’s events. Visiting hours were over at 7:00 pm so mommy, puppies, students, staff (including canines’ Bruno & Stella) could relax, decompress and reset. Some even needed to emote, after all, it was a very emotional day.

The students decided to name the puppies with Independence Day themed names. They will submit names by petition and seek the majority of their community’s support for the name. As the petitions come in, the puppies are picked by the petitioner(s) to be named that specific name. The students here are all excited and very busy getting signatures for their preferred name. All students are aware that just because they petition to name a puppy that does not give them claim to the puppy. There is a foster/adoption process that all our Calo teens and young adults are offered. If they chose to participate, it could result in the adoption of the canine they connect with during their stay with us.

There’s been a lot of excitement this week, and I couldn’t be more excited to have been a part of the experience.

Happy Independence Day!
Jeanna Osborn
Calo Programs Canine Therapy Director
[email protected]

Pawsitive News from Calo Young Adults
last modified: July 26th, 2017