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I’ve been having mood swings since I was a teen-ager. At first, no one seemed to notice how I could be so depressed for weeks, sometimes months, and then change to this outgoing, talkative but irritable and angry person who then became attracted to guys I would not usually like. All this time, I was spending a lot of money and I maxed out all but one of my parents’ credit cards. After a few months of feeling high, I would crash and feel so depressed again. I had no money. I withdrew from friends, and I became frightened and really anxious. I even had thoughts about hurting myself. My dad wanted me to go to a hospital but I only agreed to see a therapist. I went when my mood was swinging again, so I told her nothing was wrong with me, and that I didn’t need any help. I did agree to an evaluation, but I did not agree with the results or with the psychologist’s recommendation that I consider medication and a residential treatment program. And I didn’t think about it until I became depressed again.


I found out that I am really open to treatment when I’m down. I feel so bad then that I’m willing to get help. I’ve been at Calo Young Adults three months. That’s been enough time for staff to help me chart my moods and for my psychiatrist to have recommended a mood stabilizer. I don’t want to take drugs although from what I’ve read about my diagnosis, I probably can’t get my moods to stop swinging unless I do. I also learned that I need therapy. I think I want to wait before I decide about medication, but I plan to work really hard with my therapist so I can get better.

Complicated by symptoms that are observed in either a manic phase or a depressed phase, a Bi-polar Disorder, either I or II, can be misdiagnosed, and therefore, incorrectly treated, sometimes for many years. Characterized by mood swings of varying length and intensity, a Bipolar Disorder can present as a Depressive Disorder or even as a Personality or Attentional Disorder.

For additional information about Bipolar Disorder and differentiating diagnoses of Depressive Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder at Calo Young Adults, please contact Admissions.

Bipolar Disorder
last modified: July 16th, 2018