Helping emerging adults create life long, meaningful change

Jon Young

Director of Admissions

The most rewarding part of my job is being able to talk with families and emerging adults as they search for the next healing step that will allow them to truly get to where they want to be in life. After nearly a decade helping families find the help they need, I know of no nobler goal, or more rewarding feeling than to empower a young person reach their potential.

When I am away from the office I love endurance running, especially when it takes me out in the wilderness or on the mountain. I have explored much of the Mid-Atlantic portion of the Appalachian Trail.

I am eager to learn about your story and discover how Calo Young Adults might be a part of your success!

Call or email me any time!

(540) 722-4521

Fax: (540) 450-0799

Jon Young

Director of Admissions

Jon received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Anthropology from Truman State University and prior to his appointment as Director of Admissions, held several Student Life leadership positions. As the initial contact for families seeking placement at New Lifestyles, Jon provides information about the program that has been enhanced by his previous work experience on the front line of service delivery.

(540) 722-4521

Fax: (540) 450-0799

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What do you value?

Treatment is expensive. Your family has many options. At a time when therapeutic programs can cost in excess of $15,000 per month, Calo Young Adults has proven to be a superior value in terms of quality rigorous clinical care for emerging adults at an average cost of $10,500 per month over the course of one year.

The Calo Young Adults tuition fee is comprehensive and includes the following services:
• individual psychotherapy;
• group psychotherapy;
• family psychotherapy once per week;
• psychological assessment;
• psycho-educational and social skills groups;
• vocational groups
• social and recreational activities;
• 24/7 on-site staff availability;
• housing;
• utilities;
• food;
• local gym membership;
• local transportation .

All scheduled therapeutic appointments, psycho-educational groups, and life skills training sessions are included. Many of those are regular appointments, but much of that training occurs organically in the various settings in which students and staff interact. Meal preparation would fall under the training aspect of the program, but food is also inclusive. All family sessions are included. Students earnings are included, as well as many of the social activities. Membership at a local health club and a weekly taxi allowance are also covered by tuition.

These are important considerations if you are comparing Calo Young Adults to other programs who may appear to have lower fees.

The Calo Young Adults tuition fee does not include the following:
medical or psychiatric care and medications;
college tuition, books and related fees including transportation to and from college;
other third party services, e.g., nursing,, specialized tutoring, personal trainers, etc.; and,
some recreational expenses.
For more information about fees, quarterly payments, and payment options, please contact the Admissions Office.


Calo Young Adults will provide you with monthly billing statements that include the codes for any billable sessions that insurance companies require for reimbursement. After the monthly statement is received by you and submitted to your insurer, you will receive reimbursement from the insurance company directly.


There is the opportunity for scholarships. These will be offered based on an individual candidate’s interest in and motivation for treatment, as well as on a demonstrated financial need. If you are interested in applying for the scholarship, we would need to first review any evaluations or other relevant information about your student to determine eligibility. Student must be motivated for change! We will also need to see last year’s tax returns to determine the financial component. These scholarships are limited, so we will be selective about awarding them.